Streaming from dropbox

Build a little mans youtube

How you can use the dropbox public directory as a streaming infrastructure instead of using youtube, vimeo and so on.

Posted on December 8, 2014

I was looking for a simple solution to provide some private family videos (it’s this time of the year again) without uploading them to a video streaming platform and forcing my parents to log in with a google account to see their grandchildren singing christmas songs.

I already offered those video with some php-cms on my shared server, but since streaming is not supported, the whole video had to be downloaded before the player started.

I searched a bit and found the solution on lockergnome.

It is extremely easy:

  1. convert your video to mp4 (I used “permute” for this).
  2. Move the video to /Dropbox/public
  3. right click the video and copy the public link
  4. enter some HTML5 code in your page, using the link you just copied to the clipboard.
  5. you are done.
<videowidth="512" height="288" controls="controls">
<source src="" type="video/mp4" />

Nice, clean, simple (ok, I used one american file hoster instead of an american video portal) and I can just remove the vids any time with a simple keystroke.